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Jasa Konveksi

Jasa Konveksi

Minggu, 19 Desember 2010

Indonesia vs filipina end match

sunday, posted by noor fadlilah
Indonesia tried to take over control of the game since the beginning. In the ninth minute, bait Okto Maniani Gonzalez struck kick but the ball can be tamed Etheridge.

The Philippines is not without opportunities. In minute 13, the long range shot Philip Younghusband forced goalkeeper Mark Haris Maulana brushed off the ball to a corner kick.

In minute 19, neat cooperation of the Indonesian players pass in the penalty box Okto Philippines. However kekurangtenangan Okto make his kick bounced over goalkeeper.

Back from a distance, Mark Philip Younghusband tried capabilities. This time, Philip is also kick from distance forced Mark to jump to the left dismissed the round leather.

When the game was 32 minutes, Indonesia finally broke the deadlock. Word length Utina bait failed to anticipate Etheridge and Gonzales signed goalkeeper menanduknya Philippines. 1-0 for Indonesia.

Philippines almost conceded by the players own actions in minute 39. A ball that fails to master Irfan Ray Jonsson swept aside the left goalpost Etheridge.

In the second half, Indonesia, more of the ball. The entry Arif Suyono replace Okto and Bambang Pamungkas fill the position of Irfan make Indonesia a little sharper.

In minute 72, Bambang get a chance in the penalty box Philippines. But Bepe losing run faster than Etheridge that swiftly out of the nest and hug the ball.

Indonesia instead almost conceded in the 75th minute. This time, Mark's failure to catch the ball stomach makes James Younghusband can direct the ball into the goal Indonesia. However, Zulkifli Gratitude can throw the ball at the goal line with his head.

The second goal is awaited Indonesia still fail also through a combination attack Bepe and El Loco in minute 79. Bepe cross from the left failed headlong Gonzales as too high.

Until the referee blew the long whistle marks the end of the match, no additional goals. Indonesia needs a draw to stay at 2nd leg semi-final held in the same place.

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Jasa Konveksi

Jasa Konveksi

Jasa Konveksi

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